QBT - Command addRepository


Add a new repository to the manifest file (and push its first pin to your pin cache).

$ git init new_repo
$ echo "foo" > new_repo/foo.txt
$ git -C foo add foo.txt
$ git -C foo commit -m"initial commit"
$ qbt addRepository --repo new_repo

Add a new tip of a repository to the manifest file (and push its pin to your pin cache if needed).

$ qbt addRepository --repo new_repo^{FROZEN}

See Common Options for options shared by most or all commands.


qbt addRepository is the easiest way to add a new repository to your manifest file. Make sure you git init your repository where the override would go, and that your repository has at least one commit which is pointed to by HEAD. You can then run the qbt addRepository command.

The command will both add the repository to your manifest file, and push the first pin to your pin cache, which used to be very annoying to do manually.

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