QBT - Command devProto


Generate the Eclipse IDE Integration files for all overrides

$ qbt devProto --proto eclipse-gen --overrides

See Common Options for options shared by most or all commands.


qbt devProto runs the supplied development protocol. Packages can “opt in” to various protocols, so it is the package that “knows what to do”. Development Protocols are specified in the .qbt-dev-proto directory in the root of the package. This directory contains two files, named proto.exec and proto.inputs (if the protocol was named proto). So for eclipse-gen, we have the following files in each eclipse-gen supporting package:

In the file .qbt-dev-proto/eclipse-gen.exec (which is executable):


set -e

rm -rf .src.gen


And in the file .qbt-dev-proto/eclipse-gen.inputs

return [

The above example is slightly non-standard, because it was taken from the package qbt.app.main, which uses generated source. For this reason, the exec script must regenerate the generated source, then run the eclipse_gen script.

The inputs file specifies what “dependencies” the dev protocol requires, in this instance, it requires the eclipse_gen tool.

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