QBT - Command runPackage


Rename the docs directory to documentation in all packages in the org.cmyers.public repo, with maximum parallelization

$ qbt runPackage --repo org.cmyers.public -J --shell "mv docs documentation && sed -i 's/docs/documentation/g' qbt-make"

Drop into a shell whose environemnt is set up and ready to run qbt-make by hand for the package qbt.app.main (this is often useful when you need to quickly edit a package then run its build - or if there is a way to compile just a portion of a package if you can invoke the command directly).

$ qbt runPackage --package qbt.app.main --interactive-shell
$ mkdir /tmp/out
$ export OUTPUT_ARTIFACTS_DIR=/tmp/out
$ ./qbt-make

See Common Options for options shared by most or all commands.


qbt runPackage is the go-to command for manually running builds. It can run a command, or drop you into a shell, in a given “package”. Just like a build would do, it copies the tree of the package to a temporary location, and sets up $INPUT_ARTIFACTS_DIR to contain the package's dependencies. It does not, however, set up an $OUTPUT_ARTIFACTS_DIR for you so you must do that by hand if you want to run the qbt-make file directly (since it usually assumes that exists).

This is very useful for debugging, running partial builds, or examining intermediate build output. If you are hoping to run git commands, see runOverrides. If you are hoping to run package artifacts, see runArtifact.

For more details about $INPUT_ARTIFACTS_DIR and $OUTPUT_ARTIFACTS_DIR, see the Developing With QBT.

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